Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Speak Your Truth Even When You Are Afriad To!

The GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/16/2016 2:54am
Speaking your truth!

Those of you who follow me know that I experienced a serious trauma a few weeks ago; it left me feeling empty like I had died inside. Just when I think I am at a point where the past is under control and I am ready for the next leg of my journy, I get knocked back down.

People who are not held accountable keep doing what they do. No matter how hard we try to get away from the ugliness, it will follow and find us. The people who has hurt the most are the ones who keep telling their versions of lies; they make sure others think we are the bad people.

Time to stand up and speak our truths. You see many of us will never be free until we speak the other side to the lies. Too many people either do not care to hear the rest of the story or they are too ignorant to know there is another side so they just stay in darkness to the truth.

Time to bring everyone into your light then soar with the eagles. it is not our job to convince anyone of the real deal. WE need to speak our truths so that our souls, hearts and spirits can be free. People will think and believe what they choose; their choices are not our concern.

Our FOCUS for today: Speak your truths, even if you are afraid to. Then spread your wings and be free

C. Maria Wall